5 Men.com

Five magnificent opportunities to get to the bottom of what women don’t know about men. Each of the “pages” making up this particular “Website” tries to clarify all those matters that characterize relationships between men and women. All types of situations from daily life are expounded upon, always dominated by a subtle sense of self-criticism. The show’s formula is comedy monologues based on experiences from daily life and played by actors known in the world of theatre, movies and television.


Genre: Stand-up Comedy
Length: 90 min
Year of Production: 2000 - 05
Production Company: Globomedia, C+
Cast: Agustín Jiménez, Eduardo Aldán, Florentino Fernández, Aléxis Valdés, José Corbacho, Bermúdez, Carles Flaviá, Félix Álvarez, Gregorio Jiménez, Miki Nadal, Nancho Novo, Quequé, Santi Millán, Santi Rodríguez

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