Médico de familia

This show deals with the trials and tribulations of a young, widowed doctor who has to rebuild his life and that of his three children and his adolescent nephew. The young doctor is not alone, however; his father and a live-in cleaning lady also set the pace of this family's day-to-day life. His sister-in-law also plays a role, since he will end up marrying her. His best friend Alfonso and his colleagues from the Health Center will also make appearances.


Duration: 60 min
Episodes: 119
Seasons: 9
Language: Spanish
Year of production: 1995
Cast: Emilio Aragón, Lydia Bosch, Luisa Martín, , Antonio Molero, Isabel Aboy, Aarón Guerrero, Luis Barbero, Francis Lorenzo, Jorge Roelas, Lola Baldrich, Belén Rueda,  Ana Duato.