The series deals with the microcosms of the ship’s workers: from a separated couple made up by the ship’s captain and its new leader that hate one another, to an inept ex-leader who, in order to get his position back, drives boycotts against his very own sister. A high-class passenger, forced to live with the ship’s workers; a cleaning lady with class consciousness; a chief of security with plenty of social prejudices who shares a cabin with an ex-convict barman; a Chinese-Catalonian man enamoured with his land; a cheerleader who is still expecting to make it big on the stage, and the twenty-something daughter of the captain and leader.


Genre: Comedy
Duration: 60 min
Year of production: 2015 
Cast: Miren Ibarguren, Rossy de Palma, Joaquín Reyes, Alfonso Lara, Úrsula Corberó, Fernando Gil, Miki Esparbé, Alberto Jo Lee, Sara Vega, Veki Velilla

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