7 lives

7 Lives is a sitcom shot in front of a live audience that deals with the everyday life of a thirtysomething group of neighbors.

It narrates the stories and lives of a small group of family and friends that live in two adjoining apartments: one of which is occupied by a brother-sister-cousin trio; a mother and son duo live next door. The series is about their lives, internal conflicts and relationships.


Genre: Sitcom
Length: 45 min
Episodes: 204
Seasons: 10
Nationality: Spanish
Year of production: 1999
Language: Spanish
Cast: Amparo Baró, Javier Cámara, Paz Vega, Blanca Portillo, Gonzalo de Castro, Eva Santolaria, Toni Cantó, Santi Rodríguez , Anabel Alonso, María Pujalte, Carmen Machi, Santi Millán

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