Tue, 21/02/2017
“Pulsaciones” (Lifeline) available now in the US and UK thanks to a deal with Global Series Network
This production can be seen in both countries in Channel 4 Walter Presents platform and Global Series Network. After its premiere in AtreSeries Internacional, and thanks to the deal made with Netflix, it will also be available in Latin America,-yet 24 more countries.

Thanks to Mediapro and Atresmedia Series partnership, Pulsaciones” (Lifeline) crosses borders. The series released by Antena 3 this 2017 can be seen abroad thanks to the deal with Global Series Network – closed by Imagina Internacional Sales –. The transaction enables the production to reach the US and UK via Channel 4 and Global Series Network, on their VOD Walter Presents platform.

Walter Presents, leading international content influencer, has chosen  “Pulsaciones” within the reduced group of best international drama,  internationally acknowledging it, as done before with  “Vis a Vis”, being the first ever Spanish fiction to be shown free-to-air in the UK.

A Globomedia production,  “Pulsaciones” is a thriller starring Pablo Derqui, Leonor Watling, Meritxell Calvo, Ingrid Rubio and Juan Diego Botto telling a newly heart transplanted neurosurgeans’ investigation trying to solve the puzzling death of his donor. Each episode has a closed end enabling the viewer to learn the outcome of each plot.

“Pulsaciones” gathered before premiering an international award. In the last MIPTV, the giant European Tv market held in Cannes, the renowned international consulting firm -The Wit, included Antena 3 new series amongst the top original formats.