Mon, 16/03/2015
Kamikaze, People’s Choice Award at Miami International Film Festival
The film has received the People’s Choice Award for the best feature-length production at the Miami International Film Festival, and for best New Actor at the 22nd Solidary Spanish Cinema Festival in Cáceres. Last Thursday, Miami’s Olympia Theater gave a standing ovation to Kamikaze’s team after projecting the film. Presented by the director, Álex Pina, and the main character, Álex García, Kamikaze received resounding applause that led to the People’s Choice Award for Best Film.

One day later, Álex García received the Best New Actor award in Caceres for his main role in Kamikaze at the 22nd Solidary Spanish Cinema Festival of Caceres.
With a screenplay by Iván Escobar and Álex Pina himself, the film’s main characters are Álex García, Verónica Echegui, Carmen Machi, Leticia Dolera, Eduardo Blanco, Iván Massagué and Héctor Alterio. Produced by Atresmedia Cine, Cangrejo Films, Globomedia Cine and Telefonica Studios, it premiered in Spain in March 2014 through Warner Bros Intl España.


Slatan, an everday man from Karadjistan, moved by hurt and pain, has complicated plans that take a wrong turn when the flight taking him from Moscow to Madrid is cancelled due to a snowstorm and all of the passengers are re-lodged in a mountain hotel.
Within three days, Slatan will discover love and the value of friendship again. A trip with a layover in hope, excitement and a will to live.