Thu, 31/03/2016
Antena 3 premieres the second season of “Vis a vis”
The second season of this gripping thriller, produced by Globomedia (Mediapro Group) for Antena 3, is taking off with a total road movie-style plot, further underpinning its identifying traits: things happening at a frantic pace, uncompromising plotlines and a larger cast, all imbued with the series' characteristic dark humour.

The fight for survival will be even more epic as life gets rougher inside the prison. Twists, plots and dilemmas will make the series even more addictive, if possible. Just like the first season, “Vis a vis” will be impeccably wrought, characterised by excellent direction and photography, as befits a large cinematographic production company.

Throughout the course of this second season, the Ferreiro family will be hurled into a spiral of flight and revenge with irreversible consequences. The murder of The Egyptian at the hands of the Ferreiros gives way to a vendetta carried by the terrorist’s family. A human slaughter where everyone is at risk. Even Zulema, who gave up her boyfriend’s life in exchange for the money that would help her escape.

Another one of the series’ strong points is the side plot based on a teenage kidnapping. Castillo and his team will be thrust into a race against the clock: first, to find the kidnappers, and then to discover the young girl’s whereabouts.
Joining the cast headed by Maggie Civantos, Najwa Nimri, Carlos Hipólito, Roberto Enríquez, Cristina Plazas, Berta Vázquez, Alba Flores, María Isabel Díaz Lago, Ramiro Blas, Alberto Velasco, María Salgueiro, Daniel Ortiz, Harlys Becerra, Laura Baena, Marta Aledo, Inma Cuevas and Jesús Castejón are new, troubling characters, such as Mona Martínez, Olivia Delcán, Elena Seijo, Verónika Moral and Yiyo Alonso.

Lauded by critics and the audience, “Vis a vis” won over more than 3.5 million viewers and 19.9% share during its first season, in addition to an Ondas Award for its female cast, along with many other recognitions.