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Pol has put together a pop music repertoire with its own distinct personality, with songs that range from sincere intimacy to epic nerve, and tunes that are both commercial and authentic. These songs are at once happy and sad, nostalgic but with a window open to hope, and they leave you with a pleasant sense of joy. Ultimately, Pol is synonymous with good pop, with exquisite influences and the sort of nerve reserved for a chosen few.

The group’s first album is a collection of ten songs recorded with guitar, bass, drums and vocals. “Bipolar”, their first single, reflects what Pol 3.14 is all about: accessible, contemporary, authentic and sincere pop music. “Jóvenes eternamente”, the first single from POL 3.14's new album had an exclusive premier on the series The Boat. The song was such a huge hit that it immediately reached number 2 on the iTunes song chart.

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