Violinist Ara Malikian travels to Armenia for the first time to discover his people's roots through music and solidarity. The Armenian project came about as a result of a conversation between the Lebanese violinist of Armenian origin, Emilio Aragón and Olivier Longué, the Vice-president and General Director, respectively, of association “Acción contra el Hambre”, who decided to combine film, music and solidarity to raise awareness about how part of a people lives in the shadow of conflict, poverty and hidden hunger.


Duración: 54 min
Nationality: Spanish
Year of Production: 2010
Production Company: Estudios Hackenbush, Globomedia Cine
Director: José Carrasco
Screenplay: Almudena Montero, Fernando Castets, José Carrasco
Cast: Ara Malikian, Serguei Mesropian, Djivan Gasparian, Eduard Tadevosian.

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