3 meters above the sky

A romantic drama for teenagers that tells the story of two youngsters belonging to opposite worlds. It's the chronicle of an improbable relationship that is practically impossible but just as inevitable. It will end up dragging the couple along for a voyage of discovery on which they will experience true love together for the first time. She is a well-to-do girl. He is a rebellious boy, addicted to risk and danger.


Genre: DRAMA
Subgenre: ROMANTIC
Duration: 118 min
Nationality: Spanish
Year of production: 2010
Language: Spanish
Producer: Zeta Cinema, Antena 3 Films, Cangrejo Producciones
Director: Fernando González Molina
Cast: Mario Casas, María Valverde, Álvaro Cervantes, Marina Salas, Luis Fernández, Andrea Duro, Diego Martín, Nerea Camacho

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