Pájaros de papel


- ¿Quién vive ahí? (laSexta), a show featuring reports on singular homes and the owners who live in them.

- El Club del Chiste (Antena 3), a joke-based comedy show. Sick of Love, the show’s opening theme song, produced by Globomedia Música, had over 100,000 downloads.

- Pájaros de Papel, a feature directed by Emilio Aragón, premieres in March, obtaining several awards. Audience Award at the Montreal and Seattle Film Festivals. Two prizes at the Tokyo Latin Beat Film Festival, one for Best Film and another to Carmen Machi for Best Actress. Emilio Aragón received two Goya nominations, one for Best New Director and another for Best Theme Song.

- Historias de hotel (laSexta), a reality-style documentary series set in a hotel and featuring real-life stories of triumph, love and humor. Freemantle bought the format for international distribution.

- El ranking de la década (laSexta), a four-part series that looks back on the most outstanding events of the last ten years.

Tres metros sobre el cielo premieres in movie theaters. The film was the highest grossing Spanish film in 2010. Nominated for a Goya for Best Adapted Screenplay.

El Barco2011

- El Barco (Antena 3), the best fiction series premiere in the past two years. The show was chosen one of the best television series at that year’s edition of MipTV, in Cannes.  Twittersodes of El Barco launched in a novel initiative to expand upon the series' plotlines on Twitter.
- El club de la comedia (laSexta), new episodes.

- El barco, rumbo a lo desconocido (Antena 3), first reality show inspired by a television series; 14 contestants undergo challenging physical trials aboard a boat.

Este es mi barrio (laSexta 2), a journey through different neighborhoods in Spain where all sorts of stories are just waiting to be discovered.

- Águila Roja, the film premieres in movie theaters. Feature film based on the series broadcast on TVE. It was the ninth highest-grossing Spanish film in 2011.

- buenAgente (laSexta), a bittersweet comedy about friendship and falling in and out of love.

- Con H de Eva (laSexta), a late night talk show featuring interviews and monologues.

- Carreteras secundarias, a journey through some of the most stunning and beautiful towns in Spain.

- Punta Escarlata (Tele 5), a mystery and suspense detective series featuring all the key elements of a thriller.

Fuga de Cerebros 2- Fuga de cerebros 2, theater premiere of one of the biggest comedies of the year. Third highest-grossing Spanish film in 2011, bringing in over five million Euros.


- Aguila Roja closes its fourth season on TVE with almost 6.2 million viewers and an audience share of over 30%. Nearly 83% of Spain’s population has watched at least one episode of the series since its 2009 premiere.

- Luna, el misterio de Calenda (Antena 3), a romantic mystery series.

- Gala for the 32nd edition of the Goya Awards (TVE-1). Globomedia directed the gala and was also in charge of the scripts and Art and Stage direction.

- Voy a mil (ETB-2), daily afternoon game show.

- ¿Conoces España? (TVE-1), game show that tests contestant’s knowledge about Spain.

- “Conquistour” (ETB), a contest that pits ex-contestants from "El Conquistador del Fin del Mundo" against different aspiring teams.

- “Neox Fan Awards Ceremony 2012” (Neox). Globomedia takes charge of the script and artistic and stage direction for the ceremony.
“Alguien tenía que decirlo (Someone Had to Say It)”, a humorous programme on tabloids and celebrities.


- El Intermedio International Edition” (laSexta), review on international media that humorously analyses how politicians, media stars and scandals in other countries are.

- El Internado (The Boarding School)” (Antena 3), included amongst the best international formats over the past 50 years, according to prestigious international TV consultant The WIT.

- Águila Roja (Red Eagle)” (TVE), reaches South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines, after being sold to more than 20 countries, including Romania, Iran, Poland and the United States.

- “El objetivo (The Target)” (laSexta), a programme on current events and interviews with a view toward informational journalism.

- “101 Gaztelu”, (ETB 2) a contest that pits participants against all sorts of tests and duels in different castles.

- “Los mayores gamberros (The Older Rascals)” (Antena 3), a humorous programme with a hidden camera where comedians between 65 and 90 years of age are the main characters. An adaptation of the Belgian format, “Benidorm Bastards”.

- “24 horas en la calle (24)” (TVE), a docushow that follows the work carried out by security and emergency units in depth.

- “Neox Fan Awards Ceremony 2013” (Neox), for the most noteworthy television, cinema, music and sports persons voted by Internet users.

- “Zapeando (Channel-Surfing)”, funny talk show about current television events.



- “Bienvenidos al Lolita (Lolita Cabaret)” (Antena 3), a costumbrist comedy that shows the collision between two different worlds: new partners of an old cabaret, very traditional, in the midst of a liberal and modern environment: the Lolita Cabaret.

- “El corazón del océano (In the Heart of the Ocean)” (Antena 3),, , a six-episode mini-series adapted from an eponymous novel, based on real events, that narrates the journey of eighty young women to the New World during the 16th century.

“El Barco (The Boat)” (Antena 3) , premiers its first adaptation for Russia's Canal CTC, which is also broadcast in ex-Soviet republics and the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

- “B&b” (Tele 5), a professional comedy set in the editorial department of a fashion and current-events magazine.

- “Águila Roja (Red Eagle)” (TVE), increases its universe to mobile platforms with Águila Roja Orígenes (Red Eagle Origins), a runner game, free to download to smartphones and tablets.

- “Kamikaze”, premier in cinemas of a film directed by Álex Pina after its warm welcome at the Malaga Film Festival.

- “Una noche en el viejo México (A Night in Old Mexico)”, premier in cinemas of the second feature-length film by director Emilio Aragón, with Oscar-winner Robert Duvall as the main character.

- “Aída” (Tele 5), broadcasts its last episode, almost ten years after its premier and 237 episodes. The series and its actors were awarded 5 Onda Awards, three Television Academy Awards, Four Silver Fotogramas and seven Awards from the Actors' Union.



-          “Vis a vis” (Antena 3), a jail story thriller. In its first season, it gained the support of the public and critics and earned several awards, including an Ondas Award for the series’ female cast.

-          “Anclados” (Tele 5), a comedy revolving around the everyday life of a crew on a semi-luxury cruise ship and the sticky situations that arise in their living situation.

-          “El Siglo de Águila Roja” (TVE), a 13-documentary series which, with the contribution of different experts, takes an in-depth look at the historical aspects and everyday life during the Spanish Golden Age, when the series on Águila Roja’s adventures is set.

-          “La Escuela de Decoración” (laSexta) is a space where decoration changes the characters’ lives as they transform their homes with the aid of a group of expert interior designers.

-          “La Española Inglesa” (TVE), a TV movie inspired by one of Cervantes’ “Exemplary Novels.” A love and adventure story set in the final years of the hectic 16th century.