- Aventura en África (Antena 3), a reality-based game show.

- Aida (Tele 5), the first spin-off series ever made in Spain. Three Ondas Awards (for the series and for its stars, Paco León and Carmen Machi), as well as several Spanish TV Academy Awards and four Actor’s Union Awards. Sold to countries such as Italy and Mexico. Greece, Chile and Turkey have created their own localized versions.

- Estoy por ti (Antena 3), a daily dating show.

- Mi querido Klikowsky (ETB-2), the first fiction series in Castilian Spanish to air on Basque regional television.

- Los hombres de Paco (Antena 3), a detective series full of gallows humor. 117 episodes. Sold in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldavia, Romania, Hungary and Poland, among others, and adapted for audiences in Italy.

- Noche Hache,  a late night show that  combines news and entertainment with a critical spirit.



- Sé lo que hicisteis (laSexta), a show that revolutionized TV by offering scathing tongue-in-cheek analysis of celebrity gossip shows, their hosts and their reporters. Five years on the air, with over 1,000 episodes produced. Winner of more than 25 awards, including an Ondas and three Spanish TV Academy awards.

- El Intermedio (laSexta), a news satire show. One Ondas Award, one TAC Award from the Television Audience Association of Catalonia and a Spanish TV Academy Award.

- Fuera de control (TVE-1), a comedy about the world of TV.

- Planeta finito (laSexta), a travel show where celebrity guides explore different countries.

- El club de Flo (laSexta) a monologue talent show featuring celebrities from different fields.

- Los irrepetibles de Amstel (laSexta), a comedy show based on improvisation.

SMS (laSexta), a daily teen series. The series marked the discovery of a new generation of actors: Mario Casas, Amaia Salamanca, María Castro and Yon González, among others.

- Habitación 623 (laSexta), an interview program where guests have surprise encounters with people with whom they have some sort of connection.

- Pocholo Ibiza 06 (laSexta), a reality-style documentary set in Ibiza.

- Mesa para cinco (laSexta), adaptation of the US series from the 1990’s Party of Five.

- Supervillanos, the first series created exclusively for mobile phone broadcast.

El Internado2007

- Cuenta atrás (Cuatro), a detective series that has also sold in Germany, France, Canada and Russia.

- El internado (Antena 3), a family suspense series with 71 episodes broadcast. One Ondas, three Spanish Television Academy awards and two Gold TP awards. Sold to countries in central and eastern Europe; France and Russia created their own local version. An on-line game (¿Dónde está Yago?) was launched based on the series’ plot.

- Sabes más que un niño de primaria (Antena 3), an adaptation of FOX’s game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

- El Rey de la Comedia (TVE-1), a game show contest that aims to find the best stand-up comedian.

- Gominolas (Cuatro), a comedy about a group of friends in their thirties who had a hit music group as children.



- Que 30 años no es nada (laSexta), a series of four documentaries that takes a look at how Spain has changed since the current Constitution was passed.

- Que viene Richi, theater premiere of this adaptation of playwright Larry Shue’s The Nerd.

- Yo estuve allí (TVe-1), a magazine-style show featuring interviews with the eye-witnesses and protagonists of key news stories and events from the past.

- Lex (Antena 3), a legal series that focuses on the lives of a group of ambitious and brilliant lawyers.

- Carlitos y el campo de los Sueños, a family feature whose talented writing and directing team cut their teeth at Globomedia. The film received a prize at the Sprockets Children’s Film Festival (Canada), and another five awards, from Children’s Film Festivals in the Dominican Republic and Giffoni (Italy).

- Estas no son las noticias (Cuatro), a news satire show.

- 112, héroes en la calle (TVE-1), a show that follows emergency service workers from all over the country on their rounds.

- La Tira (laSexta), a daily show featuring four free-standing sitcoms.

- Plácido Domingo y la copla (TVE-1).


Águila Roja2009

- Águila Roja (TVE-1), a period adventure series that became a huge ratings success from the very first episode, with a 30% share and more than five million viewers. Ondas Award, Silver Medal at the New York Television Festival, Best Series at the Vitoria TV Festival, and six Spanish TV Academy awards. Launched the on-line game miaguilaroja.com, with over 300,000 registered users.

- Saturday Night Live (Cuatro), an adaptation of the legendary US program that combines sketches, musical performances and news satire.

- Una bala para el rey (Antena 3), a miniseries about ETA's attempt to assassinate King Juan Carlos in the summer of 1995.

- Fuga de Cerebros, a feature film whose talented writing and directing team cut their teeth at Globomedia. The fourth highest-grossing film in Spain that year. Audience Award at the Málaga Film Festival.

- Desmontando a Paquirrín (laSexta), a show that reveals a little-known facet of Kiko Rivera’s life and portrays his process of learning to perform a monologue.

- El conquistador del Aconcagua (ETB-2), a survival-based reality show.