- Supervivientes (Tele 5), survival-based reality show featuring anonymous contestants.

- El Grupo (Tele 5), a drama with psychological overtones.

- El burladero (TVE-1), a news satire show.

- 5hombres.com, a stage show based on El club de la Comedia.

- Gala Premios Amigo (Antena 3), live broadcast of the Music Awards gala.


- La noche de Fuentes y cía (Tele 5), a Spanish TV Academy award-winning late-night talk show.

- Date el bote (ETB-2), game show with over 1.000 episodes.

- Investigación policial (Antena 3), program based on police reports featuring journalistic reconstructions.

Un paso adelante


- Un paso adelante (Antena 3), first musical series attempted in Spain. Sold in more than 20 countries, and adapted in Romania and Poland. French TV channel M6 successfully aired the original version with subtitles.

- Javier ya no vive solo (Tele 5), a family comedy.

Globomedia Música is born, the company has produced music groups and solo performers such as Pol 3.14, El Sueño de Morfeo, Pignoise, UPA and Fran Perea, among others.

-TVE1 premieres El show de Flo, a comedy and variety show.

- Upa Dance, the music group inspired by the series Un paso adelante, launch their first album. Over 500,000 copies sold.

-La Silla (ETB, Canal Sur and Telemadrid), a cultural game show, an adaptation of an Australian format called The Chair.

-El gran test de inteligencia (Antena3).

Los Serrano2003

- Los Serrano (Tele 5), series with 147 episodes broadcast. Ondas Award for Best Series. One of the most successfully exported Spanish dramas: broadcast in countries such as France, Chile, and Uruguay, adapted for Portugal, the Czech Republic and Italy, where it became a prime time leader.

- La isla de los famosos (Antena 3), a survival-based reality game show featuring celebrity contestants.

- Haz el humor y no la guerra (Tele 5), gala honoring Spanish comedian Miguel Gila.

- Agur Ben Hur (ETB-2), a prime time game show.

- Martin (ETB-2), a sitcom based on a local radio reporter’s life.


- Casi Perfectos (Antena 3), a family sitcom.

- Mis adorables vecinos, a comedy about two families that are neighbors in the same housing development.

- UHF (Antena 3), a weekly news satire show.

-Nuestra mejor canción (TVE), two specials where audiences had the chance to vote for the best Spanish song in the last fifty years.

59 segundos (TVE-1), an original weekly political debate format.

- Splunge (TVE-1), a comedy show with sketches.

- El conquistador del fin del mundo (ETB-2), a survival-based reality show.

- Hombres, mujeres y punto, the last stage show in the trilogía.com trilogy.