- A group of young television professionals create a production company called Globomedia with the aim of producing quality content.

- Noche, Noche  (Antena 3) , the production company’s first variety show.

- El gran juego de la oca ( Antena 3), wins two TP awards . 39 episodes produced.



- El Rompecabezotas (ETB2), first game show produced for a regional channel. Over 1.500 episodes produced.

- El programa de Ana (Telemadrid), first talk show for a regional channel.

- La Vuelta de la fama (TVE). Variety game show based on the Vuelta a España cycling competition.

Médico de familia1995

- Qué me dices (Tele 5), a show that modernized TV celebrity gossip shows and reached a total of 637 episodes. Two TP awards.

Médico de familia (Tele 5), Globomedia’s first drama series and a huge ratings success. 119 episodes broadcast. One Ondas and four TP awards for Best Series. Adapted for Italy and Portugal with similar success. Most-watched show for 3 seasons in a row.

- Caiga quien caiga (Tele 5), a satirical news and current events show. One Ondas, four Spanish TV Academy awards, and three awards for its host, among others.

- Menudo es mi padre (Antena 3), 60-episode series.

- Ana (Tele 5), talk show with 600 episodes broadcast.


- Más que amigos (Tele 5), series featuring a cast of unknown up-and-coming actors including Paz Vega and Alberto Sanjuán.

- Efecto F (Antena 3), first late-night show produced by Globomedia.

Zip Zap (TVE), TV-themed trivia game show.

Médico de familia breaks audience records (10.8 million viewers and a 60% share) with the protagonists' wedding. Most-watched broadcast of the 1997/98 season, not including sports broadcasts.


- Periodistas (Tele 5), first national drama series based on a professional setting. 120 episodes broadcast. One Ondas for Best Series.

- Compañeros (Antena 3), 121-episode teen series that became a huge phenomenon among fans. One Ondas and two Gold TP awards.

- El informal (Tele 5), daily news satire show that accumulated 844 episodes. Ondas for Best Entertainment Program and three Gold TP awards.

- Club Disney (Tele 5), children’s programming block.

El Club de la Comedia


- Policías (Antena 3). 83 episodes broadcast.

- 7 vidas (Tele 5), first sitcom produced by Globomedia. The show has gotten one Ondas and three Spanish Television Academy awards. It was adapted for Portugal and Italy. 204 episodes broadcast.

- El Club de la Comedia (Canal+), the first Spanish made-for-TV stand-up comedy show.  Ondas award for Most Innovative Program. The only show broadcast on six national TV channels (laSexta, Antena 3, Tele 5, TVE-1, Canal + and La 2).

- Qué punto (Tele 5), daily current affairs magazine program.

- Cercanías (Telemadrid), first reality-style documentary series produced in Spain.